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Okay, this is not about Ariel or The Little Mermaid...
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Check out this snowglobe:

This is from Raychael's Pooh site. She used some LittleAriel gifs and combined them in a nice animated form to make the globe. Now that's creativity Nice work Raychael.

The Web Design and Review Editor is a big Ariel fan:

I submitted to the "Web Design and Review" website and check out the Editor's comments (the only one by the way!)
In case you're arriving late and it's gone, you can check it out Here.
Great to see that Ariel fans are EVERYWHERE!!

Here's Terry's version of TLM2 movie poster:

(This) " what I think the movie poster should have looked like if TLM2 had been a theatrcial release instead of home video. It's based loosely on the beautiful poster prepared for the 1997 re-release of TLM.".
Now that's cool Terry! You can visit Terry's Site From Here.

Are you a big Ariel fan?

Can't get her out of your system? ( Not that you'd want to of course ). Well there's help... just join the Arielholics mailing list and you'll find others with the same affliction. Best of all it's quick, simple and easy! Next patient please...

Here's a very interesting story:

It's all about a piece of the original TLM film that got cut. A great read and it's about halfway down the page. In case you can't find it at the above link, you can see it here.

Kiss De Girl:

There's a new Ariel and Eric statue at the Disney Store and it looks like a nice one too!

Here are 5 nice pages of Little Mermaid icons:

You might like to look through these. They're from Natalie's
Live Journal Update homepage. Nice job!

3 pages of cel scans:

These are so nicely done that I just had to share. They were copied from an ebay auction. Click on them and you'll see the full size images, which may take a little time to load.

Tahnee's back:

After disappearing off the map... her Ariel fan site has returned!! More on this development later, so stay tuned.. welcome back Tahnee

Ariel's "Official" Fan Listing:

Something new here.. so go and explore!!

Explore Your Web...
and have a GREAT Ariel day!!

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