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Here's a list of all the Official Disney sites online from around the world:
Disney Online International Sites世界のディズニー公式サイト/世界のディズニーサイトへ行けます。イギリスのディズニーサイト
Disney Onlineアメリカのディズニーオンラインサイト/テーマパーク・ストア・映画情報など

This collection is from Bell's Disney Site

A great fan site all about Jodi Benson:

There's a Little Mermaid link there which will eventually take you to a really informative page.. all about Jodi and her role as Ariel.

A great page all about the Japanese "Magical Collection" toys:

... and why Japanese toys in general seem to be so much more available and of better quality than here in the US.
I recently received an email from an LM fan, Matt who writes:
"hye...regarding your Entry On January 3rd, 2003 about the TLM action figure...i looked all over every disney store but couldnt find it...but i went to my local "comic book shoppe" and found many action figures from the playstation 2 game "kingdom hearts" (this game features a whole world of Atlantica with ariel, flounder and the whole gang...) I RECOMEND IT! anyways...i bought the toy and it is great!"

Well, it seems that these will not be available in the US Disney Stores afterall and more and more it seems that the really great Little Meremaid items are being made in Japan and many times they never make it here. I'm not a marketing manager at Disney so I have no way of knowing what their marketing strategy is on this... no idea at all
If you'd like to check out all the Tomy "Kingdom Hearts / Magical Collection" action figures, you can start On This Page Which Features Ariel. There are 15 pages to go through using the "Next" or "Back" links.. for some reason the pages are in reverse order.
Also, if you like the Tomy Ariel figurine, You'll Love This One From Medicom.
Have a GREAT Ariel day!!

Some great pics to check out:

Click the above link and then click on Ariel.

Great Ariel coloring page:

This will be in the PDF format. When it comes up, just print it. Nice quality but too bad there's only one pic.

While looking around the Japan Disney site:

I found this page with a nice collection of Wallpapers.

A map to the Little Mermaid Lagoon:

From Tokyo's Disney Sea theme park. I hope to go there some time this century

Here's the link to some more Ariel items:

This from the Disney Store in Japan as noted below. Just scroll down a little when you get there.

Japan's Disney store sure has a lot of LM items we don't have here:

Mostly that's because they have the "Mermaid Lagoon". Lucky them.
Also unfortunately for us we can't order items online from them. Oh, and by the way, the website is a little hard to read
Here's the page with Little Mermaid items

"Ariel's Seaside Treasures" at Tokyo Disney Sea:

Read all about this years Little Mermaid musical event going on from May 10 through August 31 2003. Japan is a little far to go unless you live there of course. Maybe they could build a Disney Sea here in the States?

Print a May Ariel calendar:

It's real easy and comes out nice, and then you can print her for June, July and August too... and September and...

And here's a great picture of Ariel to color:

..also from the Disney site.

Jemma has created a Yahoo Group for Ariel:

She has a lot of stuff there including pics, the script to the movie, the song lyrics and much more. Stop by and check it out

Sometimes Ariel can give us a Fishy Face:

You have to admit though, she's still cute

If you enjoy Disney Dolls:

Check out this site and stay current in the world of all your favorite Disney Dolls!

Please feel free to help:
Click here and share your LM or Ariel link finds
I obviously haven't updated this page lately even though I'd really like to. Problem is I just haven't had a lot of time to seek out great new links, so please click the link above if you know of a nice LM or Ariel site/page to visit and I'll make sure to list it right away

If you'd like to have lunch with Jodi Benson..

well, maybe you can
I'm not affiliated with this auction of course.

Ever wanted to create your very own Ariel cel?

Well now you can

All 30 Little Mermaid TV Episodes:

Now I'm not sure if that's really all there are but here you'll find a lot of info about each one. Great page!

An Ariel Hooded Sweatshirt:

Again, see note below. Even though the Movies and TV series are long since done, LM products continue to be available. Cool!

Here's an awesome page of available Little Mermaid Posters:

It's not my intention to promote the sale of these items. I am not affiliated with this site. I do like to post any and all things Little Mermaid as I find them for the entertainment and enjoyment of all visitors

Now this is original:

...and a GREAT read! Nice use of pics, clipart and backgrounds! welcomes to the Sidebar family:

Here you can find lots and lots of links to many GREAT Disney fansites and many other things Disney. You could also add your site to their list!

Here's a lively little discussion about a possible Melody TV Series:

Looks like TLM3 won't happen.. hope that's not true though. C'mon Disney, give us another chance to see Ariel and friends again

Oh, and here's yet another great page of Little Mermaid Avatars:

This from Heathers Wonderful Disney Site. Thanks for keeping your pages updated Heather

Here are a couple pages with some GREAT Ariel avatars:

The second one really has a lot and will take a while to load but it's really worth the time! I'll be adding a page for avatars under the Gallery page so watch for that coming soon.

This is cute, okay it's not Little Ariel, but it is Little Belle:

This little flash game is from Michelle's Disney Site. Hopefully she'll make one for Ariel soon?

Here's a HUGE collection of MP3s from The Little Mermaid film:

and these are available in several different languages! I think I've featured this link before but it's worth posting again, right? Unfortunately, some of these MP3s are no longer available, so get the ones that are while you can. Thanks Tatiana for making those available.

Brandi has posted her Little Mermaid collection:

Keep updating your site Brandi, thanks!

Now here's a nearly complete wav collection from the 1989 film:

The quality of these is nice so check it out!!

This is a wonderful site for info on The Little Mermaid Film:

There's a Cast List, Lyrics, Characters and Voices section and even a copy of the Script !

This is interesting:

Ariel as a Superhero from the online sketches of Adam Hughes.

If you're an Ariel fan, you'll love these:

Now most of you have already seen these but those of you who haven't, they're from Samantha's Page and pretty good. Too bad her site is no longer being updated.

Here's a nice read:

This is a great piece about the Little Mermaid production and it's really worth reading if you're an Ariel or Little Mermaid fan (which of course you are!).

Without a doubt, a most wonderful Little Mermaid Fansite:

You will totaly enjoy this even if you can't read Spanish! VERY nicely done!! I've also added this site to the collection of Fansites on the Fansites page.

Some great original Ariel cels:

These are from the TV show and some are very nice. There are 5 pages in all so make sure to click the NEXT arrow at the bottom of each one. Please note that I am not affiliated with this site.

Explore Your Web...
and have a GREAT Ariel day!!

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