Little Mermaid Places to Visit

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Little Mermaid II Flash Game:

Go to the above Disney site, click on the Trident and save Melody and 5 Flounders. Watch out for the big Oyster bubbles that will carry away Flounder if you don't pop the bubble in time Oh, and there's also a link to 8 TLM II Wallpapers. has a great banner exchange program:
I placed it on top of the LInks Pages and just feel free to check out those mostly Disney related sites. Also, joining gets's banner exposure on other sites... Group Hug

A Pequena Sereia:
Here's a Little Mermaid Fan Site in Italian ( I think ).

A Disney Little Mermaid Game...
With this new online game, Disney continues to surprise. There was a time when it seemed like they were abandoning TLM so this is good news, and it's kinda fun to play, for a few levels anyway. Requires Shockwave. ( Thanks P-Fay for posting the link on the
Arielholics Mailing List )

Little Mermaid Anime:

In 1979 a Little Mermaid version done in Anime was released in Japan. By all accounts this was a VERY well made feature. I've seen a copy of it on VHS go for over $80 on Ebay!

Really great scans from the TLM Comics:
From Annie's "Darring To Dream" site. Sure wish she'd add on to this nice collection of really well done scans... Annie?

Not Ariel, but this is really cute:
It's from Samantha's Little Mermaid site which unfortunately is no longer being updated.

Mermaid and Mermaid 2 Wallpaper, Screensaver, and Desktop pics:
And they're from Disney! So you have to go check 'em out.

Some really GREAT Ariel Fan Art by Suro:
...can be found here. You'll have to look for it though as the pieces are located throughout his site. One such page is here. There's also a Closeup of Ariel from his main page. VERY NICE!!

Annie has a nice Little Mermaid Cast Page:
All the characters are described and included are the voice actors, well at least most of them. Really worth a look! You can also check out the rest of Annie's site which is nicely done.

Ariel Clipart:
Nice page with all Ariel Clipart. Lots to choose from!

HUGE collection of Little Mermaid wav files:
This page is part of a nice collection of Little Mermaid stuff. Thanks to so be sure to check out all the Ariel pages!

KimmyMarie's Beautiful Gallery Pages:
Please get a chance to check out this absolutely GREAT collection from The Little Mermaid. It's organized by chapter and though not all chapters are completed, she's done a wonderful job so far... REALLY! If you get a chance, send her an email of encouragement so we can all enjoy the COMPLETE collection

Ariel Costume for Girls:
Okay, so it's a little late for Halloween... I've been looking for this link a long time and finally found it in my vast collection. This page includes adult Ariel costumes as well. BOO!

Explore Your Web...
and have a GREAT Ariel day!!

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