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Personal Web Sites
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this listing includes web sites which were submitted as "personal" web sites and are warranted by the submitter not to be "for profit" or commercially oriented. NOTE: as we will write-out any sites that go dead, once we discover them.

JerseyPeople is a personal site intended for family members and friends. It is basically about family members who either live or who have substantial family ties in New Jersey. The site's mission is to capture and record significant events as family members attend birthday parties, celebrate holidays, or even watch professional sports. It also serves as a venue which benefits readers by allowing them to stay in the loop as to what's happening with their Jersey relatives.
Location: - Site submitted by: James Jose, posted for review on: 11/01/2002Totally acceptable site with a friendly presence. However it uses 8 point type, which on a properly calibrated monitor looks like dirt -- or a mistake. BAD for readers. Check that style sheet -- you should never use 8 point type. It looks okay on your monitor because Windows is probably recognizing 14 point type as 12. That, coupled with Microsoft's erroneous idea that there are 96 points to an inch spells disaster for accurate font and type rendering.
Matrix-Scream is my personal website, with all the stuff about me, plus goodies for visitor :)
Location: - Site submitted by: Donna, posted for review on: 11/01/2002
Personal site for family and church
personal is about my family friends, church, and my talents. church site is about what we teach, and information on the pastor. (Second domain:
Location: - Site submitted by: Myrna Raney, posted for review on: 11/01/2002
Welcome to The Geek
The site consists of several minisites, with a variety of materials posted: links to other cool sites (Neatstuff), weekly movie reviews (Marat's Movie Reviews), daily (sort of) comments (Maraband Daily Report), political and social commentary (In Our Opinions), and my personal info and comments (The Cynic). I offer a "one-stop shop" for interesting links, a couple of free weekly newsletters I publish, and some biting commentary on the U.S. today, and a look into my mind as a bonus.
Location: - Site submitted by: Marat Bandemer, posted for review on: 11/01/2002
Last Month:
A Clever Penny
Shopping bargains, coupon codes, freebies and more for the Internet's leading retailers.
Location: - submitted by: Deborah Whipp, posted for review on: 10/2/2002
All Things Christmas
Christmas printables, recipes, crafts, songs, lyrics, stories, traditions, games and more.
Location: - submitted by: Deborah Whipp, posted for review on: 10/2/2002
This is a site I made mostly for myself, and I am interesting in making sure that all my links, applications, etc are in good working order. I have several sections to the site, including a dreams section, a housekeeping section, and others. I welcome any comments, suggestions or constructive criticism! Thanks
Location: - submitted by: Stephanie D, posted for review on: 10/2/2002
This site is about a small introduction of Karnataka and kannada culture and little information about me.
Location: - submitted by: Dilip, posted for review on: 10/2/2002
Little Ariel ... The Little Mermaid
Fan site dedicated to Disney's hit film The Little Mermaid, and especially Ariel. Lots of news, pics and links so swim by!
Location: - submitted by: Mike G, posted for review on: 10/2/2002.   Editor's Comment: WOW... I LOVE Ariel!
Moved by 9/11
This is just a page we created right after 9/11 that fatefull day.. it moved us and still does. This page is not for profit although we are developers
Location: - submitted by: siteworksstudio, posted for review on: 10/2/2002
Roger's world
This site depicts coal miners in south eastern Kentucky in the twentieth century and beyond. Where they worked, how they lived.An educational and commemorative substance is also present.Some past photos of family.
Location: - submitted by: Roger Philpot, posted for review on: 10/2/2002

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