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This page updated on:  14 / February / 2003   10:00 AM Pacific Time.

Little Mermaid Web Rings abound!:
Disney's The Little Mermaid
They are both new and of course I joined 'em, so why not go visit these and join in the fun too!

Jodi Benson:
This is an interview from April 28, 2000. Someone on the Arielholics mailing list posted it and just thought I'd add it this page.

Real Ariels:
On this page are 8 great pics of REAL LIFE ARIELS! Thanks very much to ...Enjoy

Very nice Clip Art page:
Christopher from Communities.msn has a super collection of Clip Art. I especially love the Ariel ones of course! Thanks Chris for finding those

GREAT news!! A new Little Mermaid Web Ring!:
Recently formed and currently with 3 sites, this little ring should start growing once other Little Mermaid and Ariel fans with sites join in. So don't delay, join today or just stop by and check for new Little Mermaid sites to visit!

Official Disney Little Mermaid pages:

Here are two wonderful pages featuring Ariel for those of us who can't seem to get enough of her. Very CUTE!

Disney Fan Art Page:
Here's a nice collection of very well done art of several Disney Heroines, especially Ariel! Check it out.

Send someone an Ariel ePostcard!!
At Ariel's Secret Postcard Grotto you can select from many great Ariel Postcards. Send someone special a smile Message Board:
Various Disney subjects are discussed here, but you may find a post or two about our favorite Little Mermaid!!

Another Little Mermaid Message Board:
Most Little Mermaid Message Boards, Forums and Groups usually die out quickly from non-use. This one looks like it just needs a little more life breathed into it to really set sail! Worth a look if for no other reason than to just read

All the Ariel Dolls ever made!!:
I bring this one back to the top because it seems that Beth has finished updating all the Ariel doll links. This is a very excellent and complete collection of Ariel Dolls. You'll find descriptions and links to each.

Gameboy's official Little Mermaid II site:
Here you can find an online Ariel or Melody Pinball game, Gameboy's Little Mermaid II Screensaver and Wallpaper downloads, and a "Disney's The Little Mermaid II: Pinball Frenzy" TV commercial... you should go there NOW

Now here's a really great Ariel puzzle:
If you like 9 piece sliding block puzzles, you'll LOVE this one!!!

Dan's Arielholics mailing list Subscribe form:
If you just can't get enough of Disney's Little Mermaid Ariel, you could join the Arielholics Mailing list and be part of our world!

My Arielcon 2002 T-shirt entry:
My attempt at creating an Ariel T-shirt for the January 2002 Arilecon at Orlando's Disney World!

The Little Mermaid Yahoo Group:
Join up and post!!

A Little Mermaid Message Board:
Finally a place to go to post stuff about our favorite Little Mermaid!'s The Little Mermaid II Page:
The official TLM II site from Disney. Here you'll find the Film Trailer, and a link to a Screensaver, Coloring pages, Wallpaper and even a "Save Melody" game!

Explore Your Web...
and have a GREAT Ariel day!!

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