Little Mermaid Places to Visit

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You can check out the Princess movie short that often plays at the Disney Store:
Just click the link above. It's about 4 megs and comes from the UK Disney site:

It's GREAT, so just enjoy

Two pages of Ariel and TLM coloring:

And I thought I had the biggest coloring collection

Some great wallpapers at the Japanese Disney site:

Many have Ariel!
Here's a great coloring page from the site too:

You can find Ariel at the UK Disney Princess Site:

You might just find some neat stuff there

Some TLM Desktop Themes and Screensavers:

Haven't had a chance to check them out yet, but there are quite a few.

Here's an amazing collection of Ariel Model Sheets:

These were used as pre-production art to help define the Ariel character. Thanks Jason, for finding this link

Here's another page of TLM Midis:

These go along with all the lyrics of the 1989 film.

If you can read German, then this link is for you:

Otherwise, you may need a translator
Thanks Chrissy for the link.
This great Princess magazine from Disney has lots of Ariel pics and is now available in the US. I haven't been able to find it yet.. the BooksAmillion site sold out.

And now, Alice made Boo for me by request:

Thanks a whole bunch Alice, and VERY nice job!!


The above dolls are from  Alice's Disney Dolls pages.
You'll find Ariel, her sisters, Ursula, Triton and others on the second page.
NICE job Alice!!

Wandering around, I found this page:

It's in Japanese, but they sure do have a LOT of GREAT Ariel items there!!

I thought you might like to see this if you haven't already:

It's the "Trailer" for Disney's Princesses On Ice show. It's a 1.5 meg download but worth it if you have the time.

A storyboard from The Little Mermaid:

The Little Mermaid on IMAX?:

We can all hope and I'll post updates as they come around.

Now here's a WONDERFUL online Ariel pic:

Almost like a poster!! It's actually a "Glitter Sticker Time" book you can get at for under $5

For some really great srceenshots from the Little Mermaid tv series:

check the two links above. This is from WhizzKid's Little Mermaid site.

If you'd like to check out some early pics of Ariel:

take a look at these model sheets used to style Ariel into how we see her today.

Little Mermaid art:

Here are some GREAT pieces, mostly from the '89 film. Just a note, I'm not affiliated with this site.

Here's an interesting page to read:

Remember the scene with the painting?

If you can't live without owning ALL the TLM Series episodes:

just use the link above and get them. Unfortunately not all the episodes were released on the Princess and Undersea Adventure videos... now these other ones are a bit pricey, but they're all there

All the TLM lyrics:

from the original motion picture including the deleted ones too.

This is just incredible:

The above links are from a Pin Collecting group. The first one is ALL the TLM pins produced so far (or at least almost all.. the second is ALL Ariel and the third is all devoted to Princesses.. WOW

Here's a VERY nice copy of:
The Little Mermaid Script

I think it's the best one out there. It was provided by Mehrnaz. I added a background color and saved it from a Word doc to an html file so it can be easily viewed on the web.

Ariel at Disneyland:

A GREAT page of REAL Ariels from Dick's Disney Character Pages site
Oh, and this is a nice one too.. Alice:

Disneyland's Little Mermaid Meet and Greet:

Here are the plans as they were conceived for Ariel's Turntable Shell and Throne!

Ariel's Seaside Treasures:

This is a GREAT online slideshow!

A section on Ariel at

Thanks Jason, for this and the other two links above

Also from Etoys:

here are their many Princess items.


The first link is to the still available Playdoh Ariel set, and the second is for the new Bathtime Ariel.

Here are some GREAT Ariel postcards from Japan:

Check 'em out. they're from Heart Art Collection Site.

Well, it's Halloween time again ( pretty soon ):

And I guess you all know what that means.. yup, the Ariel costume from ... no fins this year though
Oh, and how about Lilo the Mermaid

Cast and credits for Kingdom Hearts:

This page acknowledges credits for all the Character voices on the Kingdom Hearts Game.

Be sure to visit the Disney Doll message board:

...when you get a chance. You can get all caught up on recent releases

Here's a page with recent Disney Princess items:

These are two really great pages for Coloring:
Lots of Little Mermaid and Ariel coloring pages!!

It's not often we get to explore a brand new Little Mermaid site:

This is Gina's site and it's a GOOD one!! Thanks for sharing Gina.
BTW, I've added her site to the Little Mermaid Ring

The Red Line is Chrissy's new site and will hopefully be up soon:

It's a bit under construction right now, but keep an eye on this one because it very good

Here's a new item from the Disney Store online:

Haven't seen one like that before

Here's a message board thread I started:

I'm trying to get some feedback regarding the TLM3 Outline Project we're all working on. Lots of good ideas are coming out and I'll be including them in the next couple days so look for an update real soon.

I'm not promoting this site but:

this page does have a lot of LE and Production Cels from both the film and the series.

Here's some coloring book fun:

10 Little Mermaid pages to color!

Here's another page with the Little Mermaid TV series listing:

You can click on the individual episodes for a synopsis and even vote on your favorites.

The Wyland Galleries Ariel page:

These pieces are very expensive but I guess that's the way it is with FINE art
He does paint a nice looking Ariel, too bad she's usually dwarfed by other sea creatures.

All the Little Mermaid TV series episodes:
The Big Cartoon Database: Little Mermaid TV Series

The url of this site has changed since I last posted this link so here is the new one.
For some reason it's missing "A Whale of a Tail".

Here's a neat new Little Mermaid site:

VERY worth checking out! Nice job!!

Here's a nice short story to read:

A neat little tale that might just give us some insight for our
Little TLM3 Tale. The "Queen's sister Ursula"? .. toasing to her "Dear sister Vanessa"? ( Ariel's Mom )... Hmmm, kinda makes you think.

Oh, and here's another one:

But I think this would take us in an entirely different direction.

This is a relly terrific image gallery page:

Featuring our favorite Little Mermaid! Nice work

Here's a link to a page listing Ariel's Sisters:$20

It's from Jade's Serenity site.

Posting board for new Ariel items! :

Okay, it's in Japanese but we can all appreciate the pics

Ariel clothing galore! :

Wow, what a page!! It downloads fullsize pics into the thumbnails so the page takes a while to load, but it's well worth it. Note that some pics won't load completely and if you want to see the ones that don't, just check properties of the image with your browser and cut/paste the address in the address bar and click go.
Those folks in Japan sure are lucky to have these kind of quality Ariel items available.

Also a related page from the same site:

Lots of Seaside Treasures here! I'm jealous...
These are both from Anzu's Ariel Treasures Site
Oh, and what a GREAT clock:

Explore Your Web...
and have a GREAT Ariel day!!

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