Hello again!!

Thanks for stopping by
Next month, August 4th, 2003 is an important milestone for this Disney Fansite, which I like to call "The Happiest Place on the Internet".
It's the second year anniversary here and what a GREAT two years it's been!
Visitation has steadily increased and continues to do so, in fact by leaps and bounds! Who would have imagined drawing over 1500 unique visitors daily, day in day out? Certainly not me. I was happy to be reaching 100 a day
I like to think I'm making a difference by bringing you all a little joy and happiness and since I'm doing it all out of sheer enjoyment, it really is satisfying.
As you know, this is strictly a fan site and does not promote any business or advertising. However sometimes a toy company or department store or sometimes the Disney Store or the Disney Company itself comes out with a Little Mermaid related item which is worth a look and I'll pass that along.

Besides maintaing LittleAriel.com, I was fortunate enough to "adopt" the largest, and by far the best Little Mermaid Ring:
Little Mermaid Ring.
There are currently 80 sites and most of them are VERY good. If you have a Little Mermaid related Fansite that isn't part of the ring, please let me know, or submit your site using the link above and I will be happy to include it
Another interesting note is that LittleAriel.com has moved up in the Little Mermaid Ring ranking from nonexistant all the way up to #2 both in receiving and delivering visitors, having finally passed Samantha's Little Mermaid Page ( which took a VERY long time to accomplish by the way )
And finally, but not least, LittleAriel has received many many awards and is currently ranked in the top 5 at all the major search engines.
So thank you all for visiting and enjoying the site and for giving me feedback and comments which have been included on the Guestbook page... you've all helped to provide inspiration for molding LittleAriel.com into a constantly updated, user friendly and happy place to visit!

Have a GREAT Ariel day!!