This is the year when all the starfish align and we get TLM3 at last. I can't help thinking that LittleAriel.com had a little to do with inspiring those masterminds at Disney to come up with a "Prequel" instead of just another continuing adventure.
If you've stopped by before you're probably aware that we tried to influence the direction of TLM3 with our TLM3 page and mostly the responses were overwhelming for a "what happened before" storyline. So as I write this, I'm excited to know that they've decided to tell us the back story and also excited to find out what they've done with her... and Tomorrow's the big day! (August 26 2008)
From what I've seen so far, "Ariel's Begining" should be very well worth the wait.
Also, if you haven't stopped by LittleAriel Forum lately, you really should check it out, Jazzy and the gang have really done a wonderful job of keeping the everything active and going smooth.
And finally, you can now see Ariel on Broadway! The Little Mermaid Musical is alive and well in New York, playing clear through April 30th 2009 neary EVERY DAY! This truely is a Little Mermaid year
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Have a GREAT Ariel day!!