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Webmaster Log Page 6

05 / May / 2002   6:00 PM Pacific Time.
Some new Ariel images  from Kingdom Hearts ( the new video game for PS2 ) to check out at ign.com as posted on the "Ariel News" page. Be sure to check those out as they're really worth a look.

04 / May / 2002   9:00 PM Pacific Time.
Fan Reviews page is  no longer "Under Construction" !! Yipee! See what others are saying about LittleAriel.com, just click the "Guest Book" link to your left.

02 / May / 2002   10:00 PM Pacific Time.
Reviews Page...  coming SOON! That's the last page to create and then LittleAriel.com will really be complete.
Wallpaper Page??  Seems like there's a demand so I'll be adding one... keep an eye out

30 / April / 2002   9:00 PM Pacific Time.
Gallery Additions:  Added 4 nice Ariel Production Art pieces to the Art Page, also added 6 Toy itmes to the Toys Page.
Updated Visitors Page.  Complete stats through April. Thanks everyone for helping to make LittleAriel.com a fun place to visit and maintain ( although I wish I had more time to add stuff.. oh, and there's a lot more pics for the Gallery coming... soon! ).

21 / April / 2002   5:00 PM Pacific Time.
Added Button Link  to NetDisney.com on all news pages. This is a great site for Disney news!

20 / April / 2002   11:00 PM Pacific Time.
Links Page  Added 2 more really worth checking out links.. what are you waiting for???
Added LittleAriel.com to   Disney Topsites List.

19 / April / 2002   4:00 PM Pacific Time.
Added another button link  to most every page except the Home/Index page, this time to the Top 25 Disney Sites List. There's only room for 5 more sites. If you have one, why not get listed? You should have a small banner too.
Added LittleAriel.com  to another Disney related Ring: Friends of Eeyore Webring. Just awaiting aproval now.

13 / April / 2002   10:00 PM Pacific Time.
Links Page  is up to page four now! I just love it when this site grows like that

12 / April / 2002   10:00 PM Pacific Time.
Added a button link  to the "Friends of Disney Aliance" site on most every page. No room for it on the Home page though.

6 / April / 2002   11:00 PM Pacific Time.
Welcome Page:  Posted pics of my little sister Monika at age 10 and as a teen. I have dedicated this site to her.

6 / April / 2002   1:00 PM Pacific Time.
Display problems in Netscape  now corrected. The problem was with the footer.js file. I appologize for the problem.
Site News Page (Webmaster Log), Ariel News Page:  Each needed an additional page.
The DisneySearch.net button  has now been added to various pages throughout the site.
Visitors link  which displays the monthly visitor numbers now includes all of March.

26 / March / 2002   9:00 PM Pacific Time.
Various items recently added:  Although I haven't had much time lately to update this page, I've been adding this and that here and there As noted on the Ariel News page I recently found Ariel in the McDonald's Happy Meal and posted a couple pics. Also I've created a LittleAriel Wallpaper I hope you'll enjoy.

16 / March / 2002   4:00 PM Pacific Time.
Index/Home Page  has been redesigned to make room for the Golden Web Award LittleAriel.com recently won.
Awards Page:  Added the Golden Web Award from IAWMD.
News Page  now includes the most recent info on Disney's / McDonald's Happy Meal Toys as well as noting IAWMD's Golden Web Award for LittleAriel.com

10 / March / 2002   3:00 PM Pacific Time.
Awards Page:  Placed a nice little frame around each of the two awards. Wish I could hang them on my wall
News Page:  Included a link to the McDonald's Happy Meal Toys featuring Disney Characters.

8 / March / 2002   10:00 PM Pacific Time.
Visitors Page:  Updated the visitor stats page with March 2002. Now averaging over 300 per day!
Gallery Page:  Added 1 Pin and 2 Mugs. More to come.

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