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Webmaster Log Page 5

4 / March / 2002   5:00 PM Pacific Time.
Joined WebDisney  Yet another great site featuring hundreds of Disney related sites. The button joins "Disney's Princess Topsites" on the Index/Home page.

2 / March / 2002   4:00 PM Pacific Time.
Gallery Page:  Added 2 pins to the Pins category.
Added LittleAriel.com to Marieke's Beste Kindersites  You can click the "PoohBear" link on the Rings page to view Marieke's list of sites.

1 / March / 2002   10:30 PM Pacific Time.
Links Page  Now there's a link to Disney's TLM II site where you'll find a pretty cool Flash Game so take a look.
Fan Sites Page  Added Silly and Sweet's Ariel Page. There's some great links on the site including an "In Depth Analysis", Lyrics and the 1989 Screenplay.
Awards Page  Another award!! This one from Monica's Pooh Page. Thank you for the honor Mony.

28 / February / 2002   10:30 PM Pacific Time.
Visitors Page  now has the complete February daily stats.
TopSites4u.com Banner Exchange  Thought it would help spread the word so I added my site. A TopSites4u revolving banner can be seen on the Links page. By the way, there were 420 visitors here Yesterday!

25 / February / 2002   7:30 PM Pacific Time.
Created a Banner for LittleAriel.com  Joined the "Disney's Princess Topites" List and you can see the banner Here, and also just below:

Plus: added an image link for "Disney's Princess Topsites" on the Index/Home page.

21 / February / 2002   5:30 PM Pacific Time.
There's a New Page  Just added a "Visitors" Page which shows the number of daily visitors in a monthly graph. It goes back as far as October 2001. Worth a look
Awards Page  is finally out of "Under Construction"!! LittleAriel.com has received her first award. ( Webmaster pats self on back )

20 / February / 2002   4:00 PM Pacific Time.
Rings Page  got filled up too fast so had to create a second page for Rings... that's a GOOD thing

19 / February / 2002   10:00 AM Pacific Time.
Links Page:  Added 2 more links to enjoy.
Rings Page  is where all the Webrings LittleAriel.com is a part of are now located. I had to take them off the Splash page/Home page since there are now so many that the load time for the main page was too long.

17 / February / 2002   7:30 PM Pacific Time.
LittleAriel.com joins 3 more Webrings  for a total of 13: "Ariel's Disney Webring", "The Disney Webring" and "DisneyNuts Web Ring". You can see the banners on my home page or on the Links/Rings page. Status is still pending but should be listed at the hubs soon.

16 / February / 2002   9:00 PM Pacific Time.
Errors:  on several pages are now corrected. Please, if you notice anything that doesn't seem to work right let me know and I will make every effort to correct it as soon as possible.

13 / February / 2002   8:00 PM Pacific Time.
Reviews Page:  Took it out of "Under Construction" and hopefully I'll get some feedback. Traffic is increasing and I'd really like to get a few comments/ideas/suggestions. Thanks in advance
News Page:  Added an update on the Little Ariel Doll made by Playmates.

12 / February / 2002   12:00 PM Pacific Time.
Links Page  now has a few more places to go including a site with some GREAT Ariel Fanart and one with a nice collection of Clipart! So be sure to check that out.
News Page:  Updated with info on a new Ariel doll!! This one's nice.
Gallery Page:  Dolls category. Added the newest Doll: Little Ariel!

11 / February / 2002   10:00 AM Pacific Time.
Links Page  now has another link: Rings! This page displays all the Web Ring Banners of which LittleAriel.com is a part of. ( 9 and counting! )

10 / February / 2002   12:00 PM Pacific Time.
"Daring to Dream"  Just found Annie's Little Mermaid site and thought I had already listed it on my Fan Sites page but noticed that I hadn't... so I did! Check it out, it's a very well done site.

9 / February / 2002   7:00 PM Pacific Time.
The Webring banner display  has been giving me some trouble lately so I recreated it. I like the results as each one is the same size and each has the picture of it's respective ring. You can see the full list at "Links/Rings". Will be adding more as I find them.
5 / February / 2002   5:30 PM Pacific Time.
FanSites Page:  Corrected a typo on KimmyMarie's link (sorry about that Kimmy) which, by the way, will take you to a really wonderful Little Mermaid Gallery, but don't take my word for it, see for yourself!
Added Arhielle's FanSite also, so check that one out too.
More Little Mermaid Webrings:  Okay, I finally figured out that I only needed one line of code for all the Webrings I'm a part of. Geez, had to do some real research there! Once the other RingMasters see that I have the code right finally, my other rings should appear and there'll be TEN rings all together. Keeping fingers crossed!

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