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Little Mermaid Games ( Page 2 )

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Little Mermaid GAMES You Can Play:

Ariel Coloring Game
Use the Magic Paint Brush to color Ariel

Flounder's Search Game
Navigate Flounder through a sea of dangers

Ariel Coloring Game
Make Ariel or Jasmine any color you like

Ariel Memory Game
Use your thinking cap on this one

Ariel Ballet Game
You can make Ariel dance

Little Mermaid 2 Game
( When playing, make sure to hold down the left-click to charge the Trident, then aim it at your target before you let go )

Little Mermaid Puzzle Game
( Only 220 KB )

Ariel's Underwater Adventure Game
From Disney and by Nintendo ( Only 220 KB )

Pop Dreamers Game
( This is the Pop Dreamers ad in it's entirety,
some of it may take a while to download but it's worth it! )

For more Ariel Adventures, be sure to go to
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