Little Mermaid Fan Art
Page updated:   18/ April / 2011
If you're an artist, or know of one, that does Little Mermaid related work
I'd love to feature it here.

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and let me know about you and your work or the url you'd like to list.

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This is an awesome piece. A stunning pencil drawing of most all the Disney Princesses by Nicole. If you could see this in person like me, since I won it on eBay, you would be amazed at the detail. Visit Nicole's Deviant Art site, and click on the image below for a larger version
Another great piece of work by Lois H. I've featured here here before and this one's a classic.
Nice job Lois!
Visit her Deviant Art site, just click on the image below and enjoy!!
Visit her website at
This is a magnificent piece of work. Just stunning. Go check out the full size version by clicking on the image below. GREAT job, LathronAniron

Here's a pretty nice Fanart. It's by Roki and you can visit her sister's Fanart site where you'll find lots of Disney characters,
just click on Ariel below

Here's a VERY nice Ariel Deviation by ~eiko-chan at Deviant Art... wonderful piece!! ( I grabbed the BIG version of this for my Ariel collection )

Oh now this one you have got to see in full version!
Lois, you've done it again!
Visit her Deviant Art site using the link further down this page, and click the pic below for the large size of this amazing piece of work, and then tell me you don't want to just jump into your monitor and go splash around with Ariel !!

Here's another nice Ariel piece done by yet another devoted Ariel Deviant Artist. Visit her page by clicking the piece below.
Nice work Megan

Fan Art Sites
Some GREAT looking work by eiko-chan ( Darci ) at Deviant Art
Just click above to visit her site or the images below for a larger view.

Below are a couple examples of her latest work.. WOW, huh

you're the best!
Fan Art
The Ariel art below
( depicted in thumbnails which you can click on for a larger view )
are from Christina and Angie who sent them to me. These are just BEAUTIFUL! A lot of work went into them and I hope to show more of them off.. soon

The Ariel art below
( depicted in thumbnails which you can click on for a larger view )
are from Margude's Disneydiotic Page.

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