TLM3 ? 

For lack of a better title, let's just call it Atlantica, as the theme for this tail ( er, tale ) will be based around how the Kingdom itself came into being.
So how did it come to be?
Below you'll find an outline with ideas, all subject to change of course, so I do very much welcome your input.

Latest story update:  20 / August / 2003   11:00 PM Pacific Time.
* Melody is very interested in the history of her undersea world so Ariel tells the tale:
* When Gods walked the Earth, Neptune ruled the Sea and Merfolk were as common as people are today.
* Neptune had a son who was then known as Prince Triton.
* Neptune created a palace and undersea city for his son and named it Atlantica.
* Atlantica became a favorite destination for all Merfolk throughout the oceans, and many wished to serve at the Royal Court.
* One such individual was VERY interested in the Prince. Her name was Ursula, but it wasn't the Prince she was after, she wanted his power.
* She talked her way into serving at the Royal Court and did so with distinction. She eventually gained Triton's trust and everyone else's, all the while hiding her true intentions.
* Ursula was in secret contact with her sister, Morgana, who was not a member of the Court. They plotted and schemed to overthrow the Kingdom and take control of Atlantica.
* Ursula slipped away to visit Morgana often and learned much of her cauldron brewing ways from her. They tested potions and concoctions on many poor unfortunate souls.
* Soon Ursula had mastered her sister's talent and now, both felt ready as ever to proceed with their dastardly plan.
* But they weren't stupid... they knew that as long as King Neptune was ruler, no plan was good enough or powerful enough. So they waited.
* One day, Triton found the love of his life and her name was Andromeda.
* The wedding came quickly and was heavily attended. King Neptune himself was there and he was very proud of his son.
* So the Prince had his Princess and there was overwhelming joy throughout the undersea world. This event even delighted Ursula for now, she thought, perhaps King Neptune would feel comfortable enough to leave his son behind and in charge of Atlantica.
* Together, Triton and Andromeda had seven daughters, of whom Ariel was the youngest, but no sons.
* Neptune knew that his son, along with his bride could rule Atlantica but he also knew that there were many potential dangers that might be encountered so he fashioned, by his own hand, a Trident for the Prince to use in helping safeguard the Kingdom.
* When presenting the Trident to his son, Neptune explained that along with such a power came many dangers, but Triton was wise beyond his years ( which were considerable by then ), and understood the warning.
* Eventually, Neptune joined all the other Gods and left Earth. Triton was now King of Atlantica.
* One night, at a time when Ariel was just three, Ursula cast a sleeping spell on Andromeda and so lured her away from the Palace.
* But Ariel's sister Aquata was awake at the time and her curiosity took over. Even though she knew not to leave the Palace at night, she quietly followed them into the darkness anyway.
* They went up, higher and higher. Ursula drifted back and Andromeda kept going.
* She swam right into a large fishing net, which had already trapped hundreds of fish and was on its way up to the surface.
* Aquata had kept her distance, careful not to be discovered so she was not in a position to stop the net from trapping her Mother.
* She looked on in helpless horror as the net and all disappeared away from the surface.
* Careful not to arouse Ursula, Aquata silently rushed to summon her Father but the Palace was very far away.
* When She finally arrived and awakened her Father, they both hurriedly went to the place where the net had taken Andromeda. They searched for the fishing vessel but it was too late. It had already berthed by the time they arrived and the precious cargo was gone.
* Andromeda was not to be seen or heard from again.
* Triton quickly sought out Ursula and confronted her.
* She denied everything but despite her good reputation, and because of Triton's own daughter Aquata having witnessed the event, Ursula was banished from the Kingdom and locked away in a deep dark cave where she was to live out the remainder of her life.
* Ursula loudly swore revenge.
* Triton grieved for a long while, and although Ursula was to blame, he still harbored a deep hatred for humans ( and all things human ) as a result of his great loss.
* Ariel grew up with a very strict father who was understandably protective of his favorite and most beautiful daughter, but her misadventures never failed to keep him on his toes
* ( A few misadventures would fit in well here... ).
* The rest is, shall we say, Mermaid "history".